Jodie Winning


Jodie Winning



Jodie assists in the financial and administrative arms of the organisation, joining HR Design Group having come from thirteen years previous experience in the public sector.  She brings to the role her corporate experience and tertiary qualifications in Business Management.

Nothing makes Jodie happier than seeing a client and their home through to completion, from the initial concept stage, through to geotechnical investigation, engineering design, and the final stages of build.

When she’s not hiding behind her desk, you’ll find Jodie pottering around in her garden and spending time with her young family exploring the great outdoors.

You can contact Jodie with any accounts payable or receivable, or general administrative queries.

What’s a common question you get from clients? 

“How long does a house take to engineer?” or “How much does it cost to engineer a slab?”.  Sometimes we get client enquiries hoping for an instant one-size-fits-all answer over the phone.  Engineering is such a complex undertaking and there are so many variables involved in each and every project.  Clients may have a site that requires soil testing or slope stability assessment, or there may be an existing structure on site that we need to inspect in person.  For these reasons we always offer a no-obligation free quote tailored to your project, so you can see the timeframes and costs upfront before choosing us as your engineer.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at HR Design?

I started in HR Design Group in 2014 and I can honestly say the variety of projects has never ceased to amaze me. From amusement park rides, to high ropes obstacle courses, to marine boardwalks, to large scale 5 star resort developments, there is always something interesting on our job board.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Don’t be afraid of the myriad of opportunity available for women to work in the construction and trades industries. There are so many wonderful organisations and opportunities for employment in construction and it is quite often an area not promoted to girls through traditional career education in high schools.

If I weren’t so good at my job, I’d probably be florist.

Maybe it’s because I am used to working with bricks and mortar and concrete all day long that the idea something so delicate and green sounds exciting.

What name/nickname do you prefer to be called?

Between Julie, Amy and myself, we’ve jokingly become known as JJA in the office as we work seamlessly together in a single team. I don’t mind it at all!

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